Winning Chess Openings – Seirawan Yasser – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. 3 Sep A few years ago, former U.S. chess champion Yasser Seirawan wrote a book called Winning Chess Openings. The book was more than just. I’ve recently rigged another copy of the viewer applet with some openings. Winning Chess Tactics – Yasser Seirawan: This is the book that got me interested in.

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David Sye rated it really liked it Feb 15, You should read this book first before reading any that follows.

Yasser Seirawan and Chess Openings « ChessManiac

These links will take you to each book’s Amazon. He learned a new principle of chess: It seemed that he was always a step behind his opponent on the latest opening moves. If that is too hard, try to reconstruct winniing game afterward and make a written record. He had to learn that the purpose of the opening was to get a safe King and an equal middle game.

Book Review: Winning Chess Openings –

This book is excellent for either the stark beginner or a beginner who has been play for a while. If you only play chess in fits and spurts like Openinge do, but like to know the names of openings and their basic strategy, this is a very accessible guide. The commentary on each book is my own.

Followed by some examples games and bios of famous chess players. Instead, Seirawan leads us through the maze of opening theory with a bit of humour to to egg us on. Winning Chess Openings – Yasser Seirawan As a chessplayer who is just now beginning to delve into the richness of the openings, I found this book tremendously helpful. Winning Chess Openings gives an overview of most popular opens, traps involved in those openings, and then if the opening suits the player; encourages the player to buy a book that specializes on that particular opening.


It teach how to play a positional game in a fun to read and easy to understand format. He found that his Queen was being chased around the board and that he was falling behind in development.

Having the formalities out of the way, Seirawan dives into the meat and potatoes of openings, beginning with the classical openings, both Queen Pawn Openings and King Pawn Openings. The text next attacks the so-called modern openings, and again covers both attacks and defenses. Lists with This Book.

Return to Book Page. At least now I can put names to the openings I see. With about examples of common amateur mistakes in the King Pawn openings, he will train you to keep an eye out for how you might take advantage of them.

Winning Chess Openings

Seirawan says that he improved his play enormously by doing this simple exercise and charting his own progress. Great classic book on chess instruction, written over 70 years ago.

No explanation of the symbols used, e. Furthermore a link back to ChessManiac. This books covers the following:.

Trivia Openingz Winning Chess Openongs He knew that beginning players pound away in the openings with little rhyme or reason and almost never get to an endgame. He noted that beginning players enjoy using their big guns, their Queens and Rooks, early — often to the exclusion of all the other pieces. Images depicting board positions use the Modern piece style as opposed the the old Book piece style used in his earlier books.


Jul 09, William Herbst rated it it was ok. There is much to be memorized, but there is also logic behind the openings about which Seirawan does a good job imparting. He has written a collection of introductory books on all aspects of chess, and he is a frequent lecturer at the St.

In true form of all of Yasser’s Winning Chess series this book is great. Aaron Kahn rated it liked it Jan 20, Tom Allen rated it really liked it Feb 08, He had to resist the impulse to bring his Queen out too early or to expect his Rooks to blaze away like cannons.

Admittedly, the archive is more for my own personal use than yours, but feel free to look at them and if you’d be so kind, let me know if you find any errors or typos – they’re easy to spot because the applet doesn’t know how to handle them. If you openingz to use any of this work you must keep all links active and author information in place. He was taught to understand the logic of the move. The book focuses on simple combinations, particularly mating combinations, and even more particularly, back-rank mating combinations.

Winning Chess Openings shows players how to do both. Tim Tenley rated it liked it Jul 06,