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Ley de educación provincial Capítulo IX Capítulo VI EL CONSEJO PROVINCIAL DE EDUCACIÓN Y TRABAJO. Capítulo VIII: La. d) Haber finalizado el nivel secundario, en los términos de la Ley N ° o equivalente, conforme lo establezca la reglamentación. e) Responder a las. ley de educacion provincial pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for ley de educacion provincial pdf. Will be grateful for .

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Amends section 4 of Police Act, allowing members of the police to serve outside Vanuatu in peace-keeping duties. Amends Regulations 13, 21, 26, 27, 32, 34, 40 and 43 ly the Public Service Commission Regulations, in particular regarding the filling of vacancies and retirement in the public or the national interest or on medical grounds. Mines and Minerals Act [Cap ]. Section 6 of the Labour Relations Domestic Workers Employment Amendment Regulations, is repealed and substitute with a new section on accommodation, transport, lights and fuel.

Ley Nacional De Educación Nº 26206

Regulations governing appointment and discipline of judicial officers 1388 than Supreme High Court, High Court, or Commissioner of the High Court judges. Inter alia, every administrative unit shall appoint a specific number of disabled persons s. Training and Retraining Section 5.

Teaching Service Pensions Amendment Regulations Law on Public Employees No. Prime Minister Decree No. A domestic 31688 is defined as a person who takes care of a child, an aged person, a sick person, a frail person or a person with a disability within a household and a gardener. Imposes certain restrictions on the economic activities of officials and public employees.

ley de educacion provincial 13688 pdf

Instruction of the Prime Minister on a number of issues in implementing retirement policies for cadres and public lej No. Promulgates the Regulation which provides for contractors’ capability conditions for executing construction jobs, work items or works subject to special requirements in order to ensure construction quality and safety for persons, works and adjacent works.

Law on Cadres and Civil Servants No. Amends Section 3 of Labour Relations Domestic Key Employment Regulations by inserting a new definition of “domestic worker” and of “qualified sick persons-minder”. Regulates state management of security service businesses. Recruitment of civil servants Section 3. Chapter 11 contains provisions concerning labour relations.


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In particular it amends the definitions, objectives and adds a new Part 2A entitled “Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner”. Provides that resistance war activists are entitled to enjoy lumpsum allowance calculated according to their respective seniority duration. The Ordinance on the practice of thrift and the combat against wastefulness specifies measures to be 133688 to reduce wastefulness, which include the organization of workers employed by public bodies in a rational manner.

Establishes Agricultural Employees’ Compensation Committee. Chapter III prohibits public servants from being “lazy,” “authoritarian” and “overbearing”, and from working for a private enterprise.

Provides for the training and retraining of civil serants under programs financed by the ADB. Guides implementation of Prime Minister’s Decision No.

Provides the regime for ely of living allowances, other allowances and subsidies for public servants working overseas. Public employee recruitment process and procedures Section 5.

The purpose of this Act is to establish a Teaching Service and a Teaching Service Commission, to make arrangements for the effective management of the Teaching Service and to provide for the licensing of teachers. Teaching Service Act Act No.

Se regula la libertad de prensa y de imprenta, y el derecho de respuesta. Benefits on Resignation, Discharge or Dismissal. Provides for the establishment, organisation, discipline, powers and duties of the Vanuatu Police Force and for matters incidental thereto. Sets out the functions and powers of the different ranks in the police force. Leadership Code [revokes the previous Code S.

Divided into 12 parts. Mining Amendment Regulations Provides for establishment of Zambia Police Reserve. Makes provision for a diploma in general nursing, recognition of nurses’ training schools, training to be at nurses’ training schools, period of training, recognition of previous training outside Zimbabwe, instruction of student nurses, conduct during training, assessments and clinical practice during training, final examinations, the granting of diplomas in general nursing, and some related matters.


Zambia Police Act No.

Ordinance amending and supplementing a number of articles of the ordinance on officials and public employees No. Provides guidelines for the recruitment and employment of public employees organisation of recruitment examinations, upgrading and transfer of class, rules on recruitment and job acceptance etc.

Details implementation of Petroleum Law ofand amends Petroleum Law of Chapter 2 sets forth obligations of employees. This Decree deals with the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of domestic servants, their employers, the organizations and individuals involved in the performance of labor contracts, wages, social insurance, health insurance, hours of work and hours of rest, occupational safety, occupational hygiene, labour discipline, financial obligations and settlement of labour dispute according to the Labour Code.

Also makes leg for powers of Director of the Department of Agricultural Technical and Extension Services leu the Ministry of Lands and Agriculture, monitoring of shareholding in companies that own farms, and settlement of disputes.

Public Service Pensions Fund Board includes members of trade unions. Determines when terminal benefits and entitlements due may be deducted from compensation payable to employer. Regulates the handling of discipline and material responsibility of public employees.

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Funds and financial mechanisms of the Scheme 7. Judges Conditions of Service Act No.

An Act to revise the law relating to the exploration for, mining and processing of, minerals; provide for safety, health and environmental protection in mining operations; provide for the establishment of the Mining Appeals Tribunal; repeal 133688 replace the Mines and Minerals Development Act, ; and provide for matters connected with, or incidental to, the foregoing.

Chapter 5 relates to hours of work, leave, and overtime; s. This Order brings the Law into Force. Civil servants 136888 classification of civil servants Section 2.

Judicial Service Commission Regulations, S.