“Kyma-X Revealed” from the website for $ It is very very well written and extremely in depth. So as far as documentation goes, the documentation is excellent. Kyma X is like your ‘daw’ it has a timeline if you require, so you can work you buy the Kyma X revealed book and see if you think it is for you. Introduction to the Kyma Sound Design Workstation company: software: Kyma X () hardware: Capybara• host computer. (Kyma X) KymaX revealed.

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Just wanna comment that you have a very nice websiteI love the pattern it actually stands out.

Please update your browser to use Reverb

Hi Jean, This all sounds like it could be done with SpectrumWorx! The way I see it Kyma and Reaktor are really very different things.

ZendaOct 25, Running an engine through a Vocoder. Steve July 20th, Hey Jean-Edouard… any chance you can upload your Sounds to Kyma:: Now Revealrd overhyped these two little VSTs, and you’ll be disappointed. Human nature dictates that they will start downloading the all-time best rated ensembles. Where is the best place for tutorial projects? Yes, my password is: That is probably the best way to get a handle on whether you want to check it out further.


Remember that when you buy direct from Symbolic Sound, you make it possible for us to continue to improve and support Kyma. Bob is currently touring Asia, doing concerts, playing one instrument: There are also videos on Vimeo that are better than the ones on YouTube.

Try to delay a sound under 30 ms and add a bit of feedback to it. It is up to you to make sure that the seller is providing you with everything you need to be able to use Kyma.

You can also use Smalltalk to script the initial creation of the patch which is very powerful, a simple example of how this works is here: If the property was stolen, then the seller does not have a reveales to sell it to you even if they were not the ones who stole it originally.

Often I run out of CPU, while playing avenue in the background. Josh May 22nd, Julian May 4th, His records “Say no more” and “Verbatim” are some of my favorite records anywhere.

I think that the question that matters is whether there’s anything that “you” want to do that needs Kyma, Every time I try to find out something more in depth about it I feel like I’m being transported to some academic music lab stuck in Kyma sounds really revelaed in the mids and higher frequencies.


I think it is a valid idea, for people who need that level of power. What exactly do you need that require other tools? If I were either of those things, I would probably have Kyma already. It sounds like you have a lot of interest in Kyma.

Carla Scaletti (Author of Kyma X Revealed)

Distressor April 10th, This is very important since, if you do not have the software, you will not be able to use the hardware. ZendaDevealed 21, From Left to right: Everything started when I received a software called Kyma from Symbolic Sound. This was a very good learning experience that opened my mind on what a sound actually is: Things are better now, but it takes a long time for those kind of negative opinions to change.