Publication: Il diario del professor Abraham Van Helsing Publication Record # ; Author: Allen C. Kupfer; Date: ; ISBN: Title: The Journal of Professor Abraham Van Helsing Title Record # Author: Allen C. Kupfer , Italian, Il diario del professor Abraham Van Helsing. Il diario del professor Abraham Van Helsing by Allen C. Kupfer at uk – ISBN – ISBN – Tea – – Softcover.

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There are neither Slayers nor fearless vampire killers here to stop these demons. But there are a couple of things I just can’t overlook. Mar 10, Preeti rated it it was ok Shelves: This doesn’t make sense.

The history of vampires goes back a long way, stretching into Eastern Europe in the 19th, and perhaps even further back, to the Crusades. Van Helsing, this book chronicles his first encounters with vampires that results in the death of his wife, skips over the Dracula episode, and ends pgofessor a confrontation with vampires in the Middle East. The beginning chapters of the story contained a lot of violence and eroticism that was similar to other vampire stories.

He was brought into creation by Bram Stoker, as the famed destroyer of Dracula. It will enrich your understand of vampires!

A nice quick little read pgs describing the events that thrust the world’s most famous vampire hunter into his alternative profession. May 28, Jelena rated it it was amazing. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Main gap was also in the treatment of the epidemy. Though i do not reccommend it, I do not regret spending an entire afternoon within it’s pages either, so take that for what you will.

One would think it would be present in a journal created for the sole purpose of informing the world of the scourge that will take over soon enough if the world continues to scoff at the idea.

I think I have put more time and effort in this review than the author took in writing his book. So, I’ll just wrap it up I like that you don’t really know, but the events themselves a bit a rushed. It was neither a huge tale, nor gory, nor romantic. I’m still glad he didn’t spend the money!

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Publication: Il diario del professor Abraham Van Helsing

This review and others can be found at my blog, Bookish Whispers! I don’t recommend you buy this book. Not the worst I have red but it’s really not somethiing I could recocnize for anyone who wants to read a good story May 16, Candace rated it liked it Shelves: While packing for my trip it seemed like the perfect book to read in between w I picked up this gem at a book sale forever and a day ago.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. The parallel w Out-freaking-standing! There were several instances in the book where the author skipped occurrences that, with a little more research, the author could have added color and flavor to his book.

Nov 27, Bonnie Owen rated it it was ok. I did expect that least the good doctor Dunfred to have at least two or three pages of summary about that since VanHelsing was busy somewhere else.

The Journal of Professor Abraham Van Helsing by Allen C. Kupfer

They left me with a feeling of incompleteness; they remained largely unexplored and void of detail. Especially with other books written about Dracula.

I was also annoyed how conviently almost all vanHelsing’s friends were killed as if planned all along and the writing style; if it truly was supposed to be his personal diary They are malicious, ruthless and much like rabid dogs.

I don’t buy it. The ones that don’t sparkle.

It rattles the nerves and leaves behind a lingering sensation of unease. I never had to take a step back to figure who was talking. For the first time, in his own words, the legendary vampire hunter tells his own story – his background and early years – his research in Abrajam and the Mideast – his medical work professof most importa Professor Abraham Van Helsing was the fictional creation of Bram Stoker for his dark work of fantasy Dracula–or was he?

Purportedly the found journal of the famous Dr.


Working with the textural fragments he inherited from his grandfather, Professor Allen Conrad Kupfer, has managed to piece together the story behind the story that did not begin and end with Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I personally haven’t read many books in my life before this and I must say it has gotten me into reading a lot.

It was a “journaled” account from Van Helsing’s pov. You won’t be disappointed! It was a good attempt though but would have asked a ton of polishing. Or so Kupfer – I mean, Van Helsing mentions in his journal – more and more history emerges as he researches further into the phenomenon known as vampirism.

Mar 21, aaron rated it liked it. These vampires are a shadowy yet very real threat, striking without warning and seemingly with few weaknesses.

The Journal of Professor Abraham Van Helsing

Dec 17, Kandice rated it liked it. In fact, late in the book in one of the footnotes, the author speaks of his “shoddy scholarship” in regards to a particular issue. Since the third author who had need to add some side notes here and there and check up some dates and people and mention about them did not have no marking about that though for sure if such thing had happened, seconth author being around where it took place the should be some markings about it, right?

The author’s understanding of Middle Pprofessor customs and cuisine were apparently derived from eating at a Mediterranean buffet. All humans can manage is a kind of holding pattern in which they put up plants, religious symbols and other frail gelsing to keep them at bay. He actually handles it very nicely, because I think this book would have been a bore if handled in another fashion.

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