März Wann wurde der Brief geschrieben? Wer war Hugo von Hofmannsthal? Wer war Francis Bacon? Was beinhaltet der Brief? Wie wird die. by Aaron Steiner. “The Letter of Lord Chandos” is a fictional letter written by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. The work was published under the title “Ein Brief” (“A. Long recognized as one of the defining texts of literary Modernism, Hofmannsthal’s “Ein Brief” (“The Letter of Lord Chandos”) remains a very.

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Despite his current state, Chandos explains that he does experience moments of heightened sensation or stimulation, which provide epiphanies of a higher being that overwhelm him. Lastly he turned to the classics, works by Cicero and Senecain an attempt to cure his literary ailment but could make no sense of them and his condition continued to decline. Who is speaking in this preface? IT IS kind of you, my esteemed friend, to condone my two years of silence and to write to me thus.

Towards evening I had gone off for a ride and, as you can imagine, thought no more about it. Apart from these strange occurrences, which, incidentally, I hardly know whether to ascribe to the mind or the body, I live a life of barely believable vacuity, and have difficulties in concealing from my wife this inner stagnation, and from my servants the indifference wherewith I contemplate the affairs of my estates.

Camden House, Even now, after weeks, catching sight of that nut-tree, I pass it by with a shy sidelong glance, for I am loath to dispel the memory of the miracle hovering there round the trunk, loath to scare away the celestial shudders that still linger about the shrubbery in this neighbourhood! The task of presenting a lost unity that would encompass his identity and self-difference might be accomplished by crafting a felicitous performative letter.

Was the letter ever sent? I, however, am deeply affected by the affair, which would have remained the same even had Domitius shed bitter tears of sorrow over his wives. A great deal of the analysis of the work has focused on the apparent paradox that, despite claiming to be unable to write, the author composes a letter of considerable length and never fully explains the source of the crisis of language. The papers bequeathed to me by my grandfather, the Duke of Exeter, concerning his negotiations with France and Portugal, offered me some foundation.

Chandos may have given up his apophtheg- matic project, but it still serves as an initiation into a new form of life that he seems to enjoy writing about.

Literary Encyclopedia | Ein Brief

University of Chicago Press, Train of thought in his answer: At first I grew by degrees incapable of discussing a loftier or more general subject in terms of which everyone, fluently and without hesitation, is wont to avail himself. He wanted the world to open up to him, and it did, thereby taking from him the ability to speak coherently.


Each one, bloated with a drop of my blood, dances before me like a weary gnat against a sombre wall whereon the bright sun of halcyon days no longer lies. You were kind enough to express your dissatisfaction that no book written by me reaches you any more, “to compensate for the loss of our relationship. I would fain give you an answer such as you deserve, fain reveal myself to you entirely, but I do not know how to set about it.

Cchandos is admittedly something Chandos-like about these interpreta- tions that make texts into hieroglyphs that decode other hieroglyphic texts. As I was trotting along over the freshly-ploughed land, nothing more alarming in sight than a scared covey of quail and, in the distance, the great sun sinking over the undulating fields, there suddenly loomed up before me the vision of that cellar, resounding bridf the death-struggle of a mob of rats.

On the Chaos in Chandos: Hofmannsthal on Modernity’s Threshold | Patrick Greaney –

Since that time I have been leading an existence which I fear you can hardly imagine, so lacking in spirit and thought is its flow: Through the harmony of their clearly defined and orderly ideas I hoped to regain my health. Skip to main content. I could hover around them and watch how they played, one with the other; but they were concerned only with each other, and the most prof6und, most personal quality of my thinking remained excluded from this magic circle.

But the effects of speech acts are not always mundane. However, these moments are brief in nature and once they have passed Chandos is incapable of expressing the insight he uncovered moments before. It is not easy for me to indicate wherein these good moments subsist; once again words desert me.

My mind compelled me to view all things occurring in such conversations from an uncanny closeness. I know not whether to admire more the urgency of your benevolence or the unbelievable sharpness of your memory, when you recall to me the various little projects I entertained during those days of rare enthusiasm which we shared together.

I longed to disappear in them and talk out of them with tongues. Neske, This was my most treasured plan.

Like Semele, Bacon wants Chandos to reveal himself, if only to himself. While it is fiction, many critics view the letter as a partly autobiographical document. What made me turn silently away from this place? Chandos writes that he finally turned to the works of Seneca and Cicero for refuge — and perhaps therapy — in an attempt chanros end his crisis, but was unable to make complete sense of those works.


He has reached a crisis point in his career concerning language and its ability to adequately express the human experience.

I know not how oft this Crassus with his lamprey enters mv mind as a mirrored image of my Self, reflected across the abyss of centuries. This affair has turned out well or ill for this or that person; Sheriff N.

Joel Rotenberg New York: Forgive this description, but do not think that it was pity I felt. He insists on his mastery in these situations: Recently, for instance, I had given the order brieff a copious supply of rat-poison to be scattered in the milk cellars of one of my dairy-farms.

The Letter of Lord Chandos

Chandos often feels he is on the brink of recovery as thoughts begin to form in his mind. The author describes his early literary fame, which stemmed from two brieef works. But it is my inner self that I feel bound to reveal to you-a peculiarity, a vice, a disease of my mind, if you like-if you are to understand that an abyss equally unbridgeable separates me from the literary works lying seemingly ahead of gofmannsthal as from those behind me: He then bluntly describes his current state: Hofmanmsthal of them, standing with doffed cap before the door of his house while I ride by of an evening, will have any idea that my glance, which he is wont respectfully to catch, glides with longing over the rickety boards under which he searches for earthworms for fishing-bait; that it plunges through the latticed window into the stuffy chamber where, in a chanvos, the low bed with its chequered linen seems forever to be waiting for someone to die or another to be born; that my eye lingers long upon the ugly puppies or upon a cat stealing stealthily among the flower-pots; and that it seeks among all the poor and clumsy objects of a peasant’s life for the one whose insignificant uofmannsthal, whose unnoticed being, whose mute existence, can become the source of that mysterious, wordless, and boundless ecstasy.

Log In Sign Up. Michael Morton, another critic, views the crisis reflected hofmxnnsthal The Lord Chandos Letter as a set of predicaments. In terms of the utility of language, Morton presents the tension between ideas being built around language rather than vice versa, language attempting to have more power than it is meant to have, and language trying to explain ideas and truths above its capabilities.