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Saying any more would ruin the listening experience, surely.

Latest members reviews Time Control the first studio album by Japanese musician Hiromi Uehara’s group, Hiromi’s Sonicbloom, and her 4th studio album overall. Jazz and Smooth Jazz.

Скачать hiromi uehara time out – смотреть онлайн

Never mind, uwhara ”Time Flies” is much more original and inspired than the one Wilson and company stitched together primarily using the tracks from Pink Floyd’s Animals for the pieces.

I must say, when i first heard of Hiromi, i saw her album covers and thought it was some modern contemporary jazz, not pushing the boundaries, and probably boring or predictable.

Some really fantastic guitar-piano unisons happen, here. Hirommi guitar starts to trade off with the synths starting around 3 minutes. A truly wild and frantic track, all while still being able to make some sort of sense and never losing the listener.

At 17, she met Chick Corea by chance in Tokyo, and was invited to play a concert with him the very next day. Time Control, or Controlled by Time 8: Uehada now, however, I only see true creativity in musicians who dare to do absolutely anything they want, and I wholeheartedly believe that Hiromi Uehara is an artist who does just that. Posted 4 Mar edited.

I realize I haven’t mentioned Tony Grey’s bass playing yet. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. The music here is quite access These two instruments carry on in unison until the rest of the band breaks in, and the song truly takes off. Martin Valihora really starts to shine on this track, also. Martin Valihora’s light, musical touch on his kit really adds some great atmosphere to the overall piece. The intro is reprised late. She is recognized by her incredibly virtuosic technique, high energetic performances and the blending in her compositions of musical genres such as new bop, progressive rock, classical and fusion.


She’s more than just a lead-heavy show-off. Hiromi is fantastic at backing up her band members, as well.

Hiromi’s Sonicbloom – Time Control

She’s incredibly skilled, and what’s more, she writes great music. I love the song, that’s the bottom line. The theme of “Spiral” was a content to make the element of the wave exactly repeated, the life, and uehaara impression in space an embodiment. It carries exactly out the function as the band by introducing the guitar.

The album ends on a promising note, ending with something of a question.

Hiromi Uehara – Time Out

Some intensity starting after 3 minutes with random drum patterns and bass. This is particularly noticeable on the track “Real Clock vs Body Clock Equals Hirimi Lag,” on which she pulls off a more accessible impression of time travel than she does on the track she calls “Time Travel,” which itself suggests time travel to be far more frightening than exhilarating, with its ultimate end in heaven.

Music, like all art, must move forward in order to stay honest and interesting. This is electric fusion at its finest, and one of the more original jazz albums ive come across released in the s.

Much Jazzier and experimental than the previous work, it will send motions through your body whether or intended to dance or not.

A good guitar for the flow with the anacatesthesia twines with the piano. I’m gonna run to buy it if I get the oppurtinity! Then the real wondrous moments happen thanks to Uehara and her distorted, funky keyboards; chugging away with so many odd rhythms and push-pull tempos, it’s commendable how well the other instruments are able to keep up. That was my idiotic mistake. Some really good musicians making some good jazz like I never heard before.


But it isn’t just Grey taking the show for very long. Uehara for my initial and wrong reaction to her image. Deep Into the Night 9: However, the band is given original development everywhere and progresses.

Great sound after 8 minutes with that guitar, drums and piano standing out. The part as Jazz has been strongly considerably put out. Make You Feel My Love. So no need to get the import unless you really can’t wait any longer. This sounds so amazing too with so much going on then out of the blue a man yells “Time’s up! Guitar Guitar Recorded Version. As I mentioned above, the music there is a modern classic of jazz fusion, so don’t expect to find there experimentation.

Posted 27 Mar There’s nothing as wacky here as the funked-out martial-arts-on-piano that was “Kung-Fu World Champion,” but there’s still plenty of intense, humorous and emotional material shouting out loud and clear who Hiromi is. It’s a track that begins with some classically-tinged lone piano, and soon David Fuze’s guitar comes in and joins the piano.

It settles to a jazzy mode before 2 minutes. Much more time is spent in selling faces and merchandise than the music itself. If that individual succeeds, even a little bit, he or she should be commended and advertised as often as possible. However, the plan and the idea that she was always considering in the flow of the activity since “Spiral” that she announced in and the cultivated idea reach this album with some necessity.