Answered by: Tom Kyte – Last updated: January 24, – am UTC. Category: Database Ok, so it has been four years since Expert One on One Oracle has been released. Author of this Tip: Thomas Kyte. Tom Kyte. Source code for ‘Expert One-on-One Oracle’ by Thomas Kyte – Apress/exp-one- on-one-oracle. A proven best-seller by the most recognized Oracle expert in the world. * The best Oracle book ever written. It defines what Oracle really is, and.

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September 01, – 4: Tom Adding a CD with the book would be a great plus. The drawback of a reference manual is you can only lookup what you know you don’t know. One Book please September 01, – 5: Dan Loomis from On, NC. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Expert One-on-One Oracle: Thomas Kyte: : Books

And, it is nearly impossible to onne info on how you should practice recoveries other than just saying, “practice recoveries.

Something more for next Version September 22, – 8: I will buy the book. I think a lighter book is much easier to read at home, on planes, at the beach, in the can.

Thanks for all your useful stuff Peter. I believe that you should have a knowledge database instead of a book. It would be good if you can include sql scripts that you mentioned in the book.

Second Edition of “Expert One on One Oracle”

Thicker paper please September 13, – 3: May I humbly suggest a couple of pages about Parallel Plans interpretation eg what “Parallel Combined With Parent” means, how to read the slaves subqueries. Be it new material or really useful examples using Tom’s didactic styleif anything is left then we all lose. I like the single volume, but at some point you can’t bind pages and the editors will start noe make unpleasant choices. Report Page Output Problem September 22, – 9: Oracle has extended its development platform to encapsulate a vast array of functionality into the Oracle 8i database and presents the developer with almost unlimited choice.


I ended up buying two copies work and home and was the better for it. I just hate paper books. Maybe you should add some of these quiz type questions in your books before providing the answer too.

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Keep it going Tom. Only because if it were me, I’d be ruing the day I’d only bought volume 2 thinking I’d never need anything from volume 1. I prefer one large book. Your scripts and your work I believe they’re as used as readed. OK, so I’m a wimp. Maybe a price break if we buy them all at once would discourage cherry-picking of the volumes.

If any of your books ever get translated to another language, please make sure that translation is made by a technical person, not a profesional translator. Otherwise, more books, more analytic examples, more index, and query solutions.

Expert One-on-One:Oracle by Thomas Kyte (Wrox) (Books forum at Coderanch)

Do you have children or not? So you’re going to drop one of my favourite “subbooks”, the “Necessary Supplied Packages” one?

Expert One-on-One is the first book I reach for no matter what the subject. People, if we ask Tom to put it into one volume we’re just shoot ourselves in the foot, because Tom’s going to have to leave something out to make it manageable.


Hi, I have repeating frame printing some thing related to header and within this frame I have inner repeating frame printing some thing related to detail. I think Tom could do a great service to the oracle community by creating a book speficically dealing with Analytic SQL, and perhaps for added bonus several chapters on the new Model clause found in 10G. How about some case studies of successful projects?

And you may not need any other. In closing, I like the entire knowledge orxcle solution the best. Data modelling patterns September 03, – 1: Can’t wait for the new book s September 17, – 1: Is that the approch you are going to take? September 14, – If it was to be split, howabout targetting developers and admins seperately, with the possibility of a generous khte. Backup and recovery is not that important, but they must know architecture, etc How do you leverage both Oracle and whatever front end tool you use?

Definitely go for the single volume.

The book sits on the shelf for god sake. I think I am going to have to let them young uns do it from now on ;o But, I congratulate Tom on his knowledge. Re 1 the multi-volume idea.