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1 Jan Buy ASTM D TEST METHOD FOR COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH AND ELASTIC MODULI OF INTACT ROCK CORE SPECIMENS. 5 Aug UNCONFINED COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH of INTACT ROCK CORE SPECIMENS. ASTM D Method C SOP S CLIENT: CLIENT. ASTM D Standard Test Methods for Compressive Strength and Elastic if the difference in elastic moduli in two orthogonal directions is greater than

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D – D The solution proposed in the form of a robust asttm of equations of the following cases: The internal stress state of a disc under diametral loads presents a complex distribution that varies significantly depending on the type of applied load.

Measurements of load displacement are made by a penetrator. Deformation properties and rock cores resistance measured in the laboratory usually not accurately reflect the properties in situ, since the latter is strongly influenced by the joints, faults, heterogeneity, and other fault planes. The configuration of the compression clamp 20 also comprises an effective part height h 23an angle of the fin 24 to reduce stresses within the specimen or sample disc type 19 and a strain gauge 21 which allows to obtain readings deformation of the fin by the voltage measured on a Wheatstone bridge.

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However this is a theoretical proposal based on non-destructive methods As you can see, none of the documents presents a methodology for determining the resistance to unconfined compressive rock samples, but very complex equipment are presented in assembly, and require a high degree of instrumentation and data recording instrumentals.

In addition it is emphasized that the overall estimate introducing friction significantly amplifies the stress state near the charged arches, which should be the subject of further research because experimental evidence has been found that this increase does not occur in the reality due to the peripheral micro fracturing of the disc in the loaded arches.

Therefore, the developed jaws comprise the following characteristics: The patent US presents a method for calculating the total stress overload, the vertical effective stress, pore pressure and the horizontal effective stress through log data during drilling. The usual idealization that the compression force applied during the Brazilian test works as a concentrated load, has been questioned for some time, and is known from the engineering and experimental practice for the Brazilian test actually load is applied on a Contact area.

Indirect tensile strength, mechanical to determine the tensile strength, by applying compressive loads concentrated in a disk-shaped specimen parameter, in which the stress field generated voltage exceeds compressions; therefore it fails the sample through an induced voltage more not direct. Therefore have developed intense theoretical and experimental work that advance in determining the internal state of stress during the test disk, under the assumption of different types of load distribution.


The test specimen must have a minimum diameter corresponding to a drill bit NX series, with an effective sample of 54mm Numeral 3.

Test su standard ASTM

With the above configuration, compression in the sample, which may lead to fracture of v7012 sample is obtained. This is a theoretical proposal that also needs the data from the pressures of muds and other drilling data during the advance poll The invention EP document is directed to the use of systems and methods that determine the geological properties using acoustic analysis.

However, this remains a d701 proposal based on non-destructive methods that need data during the advance poll. Porosity and permeability evolution. In this case the shape of the flange is hollow cylindrical, but can take any other geometry according to the compression jaws.

The measurement of stiffness anisotropy in clays with bender element tests in the triaxial apparatus. Specifically for exploration in rock using drills and robust rigs make sometimes wasteful maneuvers obtaining cores, also the operator’s experience has astj significant impact on the specimens obtained are suitable for carrying out the minimum laboratory tests.

To determine the resistance ast rock specimens, the tests specified above are used. The method includes determining a compressive strength of the samples of the rock formations to be drilled from measurements of displacement and load samples. The method and apparatus of the document US are ast, to determine the compressibility of the pore volume, porosity effort and changing the relative porosity of rock samples from a rock deposit.

Selection of bits for different sections of the well, weight and speed of rotation of the auger, etc.

ASTM D4555:10

The moment new editions of the standards you monitor are released, changes are made, or appendixes are published, you will be alerted by email. The figure shows a section of the test disc 19 of radius r, which is under compression gag containment 20 is seen. Field of the Invention The present invention is applicable within the field of geotechnical and more specifically in the analysis of samples of rock materials for exploration geomechanical characterization also can expand its application to the field of strength of materials.

Request for preliminary examination filed after expiration of 19th month from priority date pct application filed from Patent CA 18 presents a technique to determine directly the compressive strength of a sample of rock formation by indentation technique, with which one can determine the mechanical properties of rock fragments.


Efforts tension become more evident towards the center of the circle, while compression occurs at the ends. The present invention is applicable within the field of geotechnical and more specifically in the analysis of samples of rock materials for exploration geomechanical characterization also can expand its application to the field of strength of materials.

The fins have a rounded or bevelled end to prevent deformations in the clamp. Application of the point load index test r7012 strength determination of rock and proposals for a new size-correction chart. Among the conclusions set forth the results of theoretical solution and developed experimental tests are generally satisfactory in most of the disk space, except very close to the loaded zone points further down in practice the inevitable inclination of the axes of load to d012 planes of the contour of the specimen introduce additional discrepancies in the accuracy of flat stress strain assumed in the theoretical analysis.

Compression test unconfined in undisturbed rock cores, is understood as determining the uniaxial compression of specimens of rock from a regular geometry, provides resistance classification and characterization of rock samples, specifies procedures for the determining deformation and axial aetm, deformations and lateral forces, its characteristic curve, modulus of elasticity, and Poisson constant.

In the present invention the internal stress of a astj approximately The characterization method comprises the following steps: The work was done using the concept of symmetry about both the x axis as the shaft and ; leaving the source node as a fixed support and the x-axis a support system skid.

Generally speaking with respect to stress components or rr and OEE is appreciated that the variation of the stress state for the component or “within the central area of the disc is increased by about 10 times but is maintained under tension between both the variation of the stress state for OQQ component increases but less provide approximately only twice, maintaining the compression state for this component. Generate unconfined compression samples using the diametral load distributed application using the jaws designed.

To further specify the present invention, are presented below defining some related concepts:.

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