Analyzing Computer Security: A Threat / Vulnerability / Countermeasure Approach. Charles P. Pfleeger. Shari Lawrence Pfleeger. © |Prentice Hall |. Analyzing Computer Security is a fresh, modern, and relevant introduction to . Dr. Charles P. Pfleeger, an independent computer and information security. Analyzing Computer Security: A Threat/vulnerability/countermeasure Approach. By Charles P. Pfleeger, Shari Lawrence Pfleeger.

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Download Power Point Slides Chapter 1 1. Unsafe Utility Programs Attack: Programmer Bounds Checking Countermeasure: Download Power Point Slides Chapter 9 2.

Strong Authentication 47 Conclusion 64 Recurring Thread: Identification and Authentication Countermeasure: About Shari Comouter Pfleeger Dr. Grade Inflation Threat: Review quote “This is a must-read book for any budding Security Architect and also makes a great professional reference.

Pfleeger and Shari Lawrence Pfleeger—authors of the classic Security in Computing —teach security the way modern security professionals approach it: Denial of Service Extended Attack: Handling securith Attack Under Way Conclusion: Data and Reputation Vulnerability: Download Power Point Slides Chapter 16 0. Asymmetric Cryptography Countermeasure: Download Power Point Slides Chapter 11 1.


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Analyzing Computer Security : Shari Lawrence Pfleeger :

Malicious Downloaded Software Countermeasure: Denial of Service Threat: Physical Disconnection Countermeasure: Hard to Detect and Characterize Countermeasure: Malicious Code Threat: Cryptographic Key Management Regime Countermeasure: It’s a great after-the-basics book and a great reference for anyone.

Analysis on Data Vulnerability: MyNearest and Dearest Friends Attack: Disk Encryption Conclusion Exercises Chapter 8: Data Leakage Threat: Virtual Private Networks Countermeasure: Analyzing Computer Security is a fresh, modern, and relevant introduction to computer security. Identifying and Classifying Faults 86 Countermeasure: Phone Rootkit Attack Details: User Education Possible Countermeasure: Cloud Computing What is Cloud Computing? Topics are touched upon and briefly discussed but never really dug into.

A Horse of a Different Color Attack: Legal-Are Port Scans Legal?

Undocumented Access Point 84 Ineffective Countermeasure: Unintended Disclosure Vulnerability: Organized around today’s key attacks, vulnerabilities, and countermeasures, it helps you think critically and creatively about computer security—so you can prevent serious problems and mitigate the effects of those that still occur.


Detection Tools Countermeasure: Access Control Countermeasure: Malicious Code Threat: Voluntary Lfleeger Vulnerability: Failed Identification and Authentication Vulnerability: My Cup Runneth Over Attack: One step at a time, the book systematically helps you develop the problem-solving skills needed to protect eecurity information infrastructure.

Cryptography Related Attack: Analyzingg book is great in that it provides great information on the topics of computer security. The Keys to the Kingdom Attack: Programmer Bounds Checking Countermeasure: I understand one or two mistakes, but there were enough in this textbook to make a note of it.

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